Who we are

cando4kids is all about empowering small heroes. We are driven to help children boost their confidence and self esteem in a fun and creative way. We acknowledge that life can be quite challenging for some children. We're here to provide practical tools to make them feel more resilient, relaxed and comfortable in their own skin so they can live a happy life. We see the potential of every single child and feel that it's our mission to help them fulfil that potential. 


Our team

Yvon van Ginkel

Founder and Expert from Personal Experience

I grew up in the Netherlands. A Spanish mother and a Dutch father. I got bullied a lot, because I was very shy and different. When I was 15 years old I decided things had to change and I started to act like a more outgoing person. It worked for the outside world but inside I was vulnerable. This shaped my life and at the age of 30 I felt something was off. I realized I was still putting on a (pretty good) show to prevent being hurt or bullied. Through therapy I learned that it’s important to embrace who you are. Embrace your strengths and your flaws. It’s what makes you YOU. You don’t always have to be the tough one. It’s ok to show your vulnerability. It’s important to feel good about yourself.

I recently became a mother. My son is 23 months old now and likes to explore and discover the world. As a mother I want to prevent him from the bullying I’ve experienced as a child. But I know I can’t protect my child from all the bad in the world and I know I have to expose him to life. I don’t want the same experience for my son, so I’m really focused on how to empower him to deal with all the challenges — even at this young age.

Life is challenging for kids and I’m very driven to help my child and other children boost their confidence and self esteem. That’s why I decided to set up workshops with cando4kids to “empower our small heroes” and to help them feel more resilient, relaxed and comfortable in their own skin and live a happy life.

Angela Hopseker


My name is Angela Hopseker and I’m currently studying psychology at Hofstra University and am planning to pursue a career in school psychology. I’ve always loved working with children and am passionate about their achievement of success and happiness in life. I’m thrilled to have been given this opportunity to work with Yvon and assist her and these children along this journey!

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